Atara Jael Beauté

The Founder of Atara Jael Beauté. 

Atara Jael Beauté was created to showcase the Royal Beauté in every individual. We are a makeup brand for Queens, and every individual is Royalty.

Dada was born and raised in Chicago, IL by Nigerian born parents. Although, she was born in America she implemented the Nigerian culture in her everyday life. She learned the Yoruba language, which is the tribe her parents originate from. As a Black Queen, she struggled with finding confidence her beauty. Dada realized that she was a daughter of a King and she should not refer to herself as anything less. "As Queens we should carry ourselves to a high standard at all times and know that our crowns may tilt sometimes but we should not allow it to fall." Atara Jael Beauté Empire and Royal Brand. Wear your crown and ascend.  

Dada has loved to do makeup for others since 2014. "I launched my brand because there is something about African Royalty and beauty that amuses me and I wanted to tie them together". Dada's first product idea was an eyeshadow palette in the shape of a crown. After creating this she wanted to implement different African languages. She named the palette Majesty Languages of Royalty Palette, in which all shades are royalty inspired in various African languages. 

Wear your ATARA (crown) and JAEL (ascend)! Join the empire!

Each product, color and item has a royal name correlating with its translation in various African languages. Atara Jael meaning Ascending Crown, let your crown ascend! 

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25