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Majesty Languages of Royalty Palette

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14 Shade Highly Pigmented Languages of Royalty Palette

Ade - Shimmer Green originating from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria meaning Crown

Borena - Magnifying Glitter Silver originating from Lesotho in South Africa used to represent your Majesty or Royalty

Taji - Matte Blue originating from East Africa meaning Crown

Moqhaka - Matte Brown originating from Sesotho language in South Africa meaning Crown

Haybad - Glowing Matte Yellow originating from Somali language Somalia meaning Prestige, Majestic, Majesty 

Sa Rauta - Royal Matte Purple originating from the Hausa tribe in Nigeria meaning Majesty

Kambi - Shimmer Light Purple originating from the Hausa tribe in Nigeria meaning Crowned or Crown 

Taaj - Glitter Gold Somali language Somalia meaning Crown

Ọlanla - Matte Green Yoruba tribe in Nigeria meaning Excellency, Majesty

Umqhele - Matte Orange originating from the Zulu tribe in South Africa meaning Crowned, Crowning or The crown

Dehye - Shimmer Red originating from the Twi language in Ghana meaning Royal

Nobukhosi - A luscious Matte Pink originating from the Zulu tribe in South Africa meaning Supreme, Royal or Sovereignty

Majesteit - Matte Red originating from Afrikaans in South Africa meaning Majesty, Royalty

Okpu Eze - A glowing Glitter Bronze originating from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria meaning Crown, Diadem